Wire Fraud Policy

Consistent with our Values of Integrity, Respect and Client Success, Corridor Title shares this important information with our Clients, as well as the public at-large. Our firm’s wire fraud policies are in furtherance of these values, and we appreciate your patience in this regard.

Email hacking and all manners of fraud are on the rise in an attempt to fraudulently misdirect funds. Therefore, Corridor Title proactively shares our wiring instructions with Buyers early in a transaction, including a process whereby we provide our Wiring Instructions securely through ClosingLock. Similarly, Corridor Title maintains rigorous processes and procedures with regard to all outbound wires to Sellers and other parties, including a required confirmation prior to any disbursement.

Buyers and Sellers will only receive Wiring Instructions via ClosingLock and are encouraged to contact Corridor Title to verify that the instructions are legitimate and correct prior to sending funds.

Corridor Title’s Wiring Instructions WILL NOT CHANGE. If you should receive any communication containing a modification to our Wiring Instructions, DO NOT RESPOND. Instead, please contact Corridor Title immediately by phone to verify the accuracy of the Wiring Instructions prior to initiating any wire. Corridor Title is not responsible for any wires sent by you to an incorrect bank account.